It's Great To Create -  Special combo!

It's Great To Create - Special combo!

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- 224 pages of colourful, creative ideas suitable for all ages and skill levels.
- 12.7 x 1.9 x 17.8 cm
Signed and doodled in by Jon
- Comes with three packs of stickers, inc. rare puffy stickers.
- Also includes cool random mystery bonus items from Jon's studio.
- Limited quantities available! 

"A great resource book for adults and kids alike - most items required are using household bits so it's very good for any family or child even when you do t have lots of art supplies. It invites creativity." Hannah (an Amazon review) 

Draw, doodle, make, and have fun! There are no mistakes in this wild and wonderful world from doodle artist and illustrator Jon Burgerman.

Packed with prompts for 101 unexpected art projects, It's Great to Create offers artists of all ages loads of fun ways to get inspired and kick-start the creative process.

From drawing with your eyes closed or doodling on your clothes to putting faces on your condiments or finding colors that rhyme, every page offers a new opportunity to embrace creativity and make something awesome.

This unique volume—featuring a punch-out on the cover for creative play—invites readers to lower their artistic inhibitions and offers a glimpse into the mind of a truly original artist.