Q. How long will my order take to get to me?
A. We plan to pack and despatch your orders within 3 days of the payment being processed. They should arrive the next day after being sent. If you live in Europe then allow 4 to 5 days after payment has been taken. If you live somewhere really sunny and have a spare room we may bring them ourselves and stay a while. For the rest of the world please allow approx 10 to 14 days for delivery.

Q. Can I track my order online ?
A. Not at the moment. We may introduce this service when we become a slick operation but right now just trust that we have sent it and let us know 7 days after order if it's not with you. We will ring the couriers and tell them off and then let you know when it will arrive.

Q. How will my goods be packaged ?
A. In bits of card, old cereal packets, some sticky tape and other padding we find lying around the office. If you are allergic to hamsters let us know and we won't use their bedding.

Q. What if my stuff is damaged when it arrives ?
A. Take a few pics, send us an email (don't be too grumpy) and we will look into your claim. Just remember the broken ones will be worth more in years to come.

Q. What happens if I change my mind about what I've purchased (even though that is unlikely) ?
A. Have a good think before you place the order because exchange and/or refund is expensive, time consuming, a pain in the ass, you won't get back the transport charges and you will have to pay to get it to us. It is best to make sure you are sober, not high and happy when you place the order.

Q. There's no option for Northern Ireland on the order form, what should I do?
A. Sorry about that but it's no problem. Simply fill in your full address as normal and enter in any random county and the order will still be processed and sent to Northern Ireland.

Q. My laptop isn't an Apple Mac, will the sleeves still fit ?
A. Our advice is to buy the sleeve and throw away your old laptop and get a new Mac, you know it makes sense. Or just measure your existing laptop and compare it to the size of the sleeve!

Q. Are you going to make any new stuff to buy, I already own everything you sell ?
A. We are always thinking about stuff to make so please watch our website for exciting and even more expensive products to buy. If you have suggestion for something you'd like us to make please drop us an email.

Q. Can I get gift certificates for this site ?
A. Not yet. In the meantime use your initiative and buy the stuff for the person, they will love it and you forever.

Q. Who is your favourite character ?
A. We like the secret character that lives in our stationery cupboard. Only we can see him and his name is Dink. He keeps making us eat biscuits.

Q. Is brown rice really better for you than the white kind?
A. Mix and go beige.